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Have you been to Sony’s Wonder Technology Lab in New York City? FUN times!

The Sony Wonder Technology Lab offers the public an interactive tour of media and technology, which is such a fun entertaining experience for both adults and teens – especially when it’s too hot out to walk around! Plus, the area surrounding offers a great Manhattan experience; bustling chattering crowds, tons of yellow cabs flying by, and towering glistening skyscrapers.

Take a second and go to yogoguide.com and save it to your favorites!

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Interested in a list of cool bars and hot nightclubs to hit in NYC this weekend?

The Flatiron Lounge would be my choice for a crisp martini on this hot New York City night:

Later in the evening I’d hit Gaslight in the West Village and be re-energized by the escalated noise and hip crowds:

And then I’d be off to SoHo’s Greenhouse to burn off the week’s stresses and get lost in the music:

What are your plans for this weekend in New York City?

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Lyonel Feininger’s work on display at The Whitney this summer! Are you familiar with Feininger’s work?

In the eyes of many The Whitney stands as one of our nation’s greatest museums, providing inspired collections in a calm beautiful space. It’s birth was far more controversial though, as it was created by Gertrude Whitney due to the adamant disinterest by the Met and MoMA to show anything other than European art. Whitney’s desire was to introduce a focus on modern American art, which she saw as just as deserving of praise despite the lack of popularity at the time.

I’m very excited to note that German Expressionist painter Lyonel Feininger’s work is currently on display at the Whitney. Born in New York, but shortly thereafter a resident of Germany, Feininger’s paintings offer a view of the world that is at once beautiful and magnificently odd, utilizing hard lines and soft intricate shading. I find the paintings of his that feature buildings or architecture particularly mesmerizing. I feel in love with Feininger’s work instantly and easily get lost in his slightly off-kilter world.

Visit yogoguide.com to save The Whitney Museum of American Art to your favorites menu/map so that you’ll remember to set aside an afternoon to see the Feininger exhibit.

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Ready for a hot and sunny weekend in New York City? Here are some fun things to do this weekend!

I can’t believe it’s already Friday! The weekend is almost here and it looks like it’s going to be a warm sunny one in New York, so I’ve created a list of fun things to do around NYC that will keep you cool and entertained.

Begin your Saturday morning with a relaxing walk around Central Park and head over to the Harlem Meer where you can watch people fishing. They allow catch-and-release fishing until October, and it’s cute seeing the kids get so excited. The Meer is at the northern most part of Central Park, so enter at 110th Street and Malcom X Boulevard. The Conservatory Garden is also in that neck of the woods and offers beautifully styled gardens in the English, French, and Italian traditions.

Since you’ll already be that far north, why not enjoy lunch in East Harlem at a great Greek spot called Moustache. Moustache offers a great selection of traditional Greek food, with plenty of healthy refreshing options to keep you happy on a hot New York City summer day.

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What are you up to in NYC this July weekend? Here’s my list of bars to check out in Manhattan:

Looking for some fun bars to check out in New York City this weekend? Here are a couple options where you’ll be able to kick-back and take on the weekend, likely with the evening turning into a roaring good time.

Barramundi – a kaleidoscope of lights, deer heads, tree stumps and fun ambiance. An eclectic favorite with good drink specials and prices. House infused vodkas made weekly:

Anotheroom – sleek and industrial wine bar, with a slate bar and brushed steel furniture. Serves a rotating selection of domestic and imported wine and beer by the glass:

Bar Carrera – a stylish, delicious tapas bar without pretensions of being the new “in bar”, serving the expected small plates and wine. Concrete bar and tables with Iberian flourishes.

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In NYC for the 4th of July this year? Have some BBQ at Georgia’s!

If you’re looking for tasty traditional BBQ this holiday weekend visit Georgia’s Eastside BBQ on the Lower East Side. They’re even open on the 4th, so spend your day off enjoying a cold drink with any of their classic dishes, like a pulled pork sandwich, fried catfish, or wings. The vegetarian plate is a nice option as well.

Named for an adorable dog, Georgia’s has a cool vibe and is run by a good group.

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Have you seen the Medici Fountain during visits to the Luxembourg Gardens?

Our last evening in Paris was spent wandering around Jardin du Luxembourg, which was just a short walk from Hotel des Grands Hommes where we were staying. We had both visited these gardens on a few previous trips, but as so often happens in the more interesting and intricate gardens we discovered a new treasure off to the side, the Medici Fountain (La fontaine Médicis):

Leading up to the granite sculpture is a dark glassy pond, flanked on either side by thick gatherings of dark green vines fixed into garlands strung ribbon-like between the occasional grand old chestnut tree. These leafy garlands added a sweet romance to the scene as did the potted geraniums, which bloomed in brilliant reds and pinks from large stone planters. The Medici Fountain offered an ideal space for my Mom and I to just drift for a while; a greatly desired activity after a rather stressful trip.

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Have you tasted Le Petit Saint Benoit’s beef bourguignon?

Every few years it seems I’ve been lucky enough to visit Paris and, each time I visit, I love re-experiencing the utterly French bistro Le Petit Saint Benoit. You’ll not only be satisfied with the time spent at this traditional French restaurant, you’ll be thrilled because this charming hole-in-the-wall provides for us in spades what we all desire in a classic French bistro; leather banquette seating crowned by antique clouded mirrors, white paper sheets spread atop linen table cloths, and mouthwatering scents pouring from a bustling kitchen. That evening we treated ourselves to beef bourguignon and glasses of a dark cherry red wine the name of which I can’t remember. I’m not one to order red meats as I prefer lighter options, but I had to indulge and boy was I glad I did! The meat was buttery warm and served in a rugged black pot, making me feel like I was in some farmer’s kitchen rather than in a fabulous Parisian bistro.

Take a moment to learn more about Le Petit Saint Benoit on yogoguide.com!

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Cafe Gaudeamus offers an idealic and truly French experience day or night.

<div class=\"postavatar\">cafe-gaudeamus-offers-an-idealic-and-truly-french-experience-day-or-night</div>

I recently returned from Paris where my Mom and I had to work through some complicated family business, but after the meetings with attorneys were finished and we had a chance to relax our downtime was spent exploring one of the world’s most alluring cities. One afternoon while wandering around the quietly busy neighborhood near our hotel in Place du Pantheon we happened upon cafe Gaudeamus, a charming simple restaurant tucked into an unassuming side street (dark green facade in photo). Gaudeamus provided an escape from the rather stressful visit and allowed my Mom and I to connect over French cuisine at it’s best; fresh, simple, and tasty. The piece of Paris where this cafe is found provides an ideal Parisian atmosphere – local voices escaping from the apartments above, softened as they bounce off white stone walls, the air very cool and free of excessive and constant noises heard around the rest of Paris like the passing of cars, the low whirring of machines, and the frenetic bustling of bodies. When you find that sidewalk cafe off the beaten path in Paris it’s like you’ve found a loophole in the city system and you’re privy to that intangible combination of peaceful but not boring.

Gaudeamus cafe doesn’t have a website, but I encourage you to save it to your favorites on yogoguide.com/Gaudeamus Cafe. If you’re looking for that real rustic French restaurant Gaudeamus will not only suffice, it will enchant you. My preferred dishes were the simple and straightforward ones like grilled chicken with a crisp green salad, but the richer dishes like their Doma (minced spiced lamb wrapped in cooked cabbage) were excellent too. The wine list is short but well-selected and the chosen Sauvignon paired so nicely with their cheese plate.

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